How to correctly seal a cardboard box shut

Packing boxes for moving are an exceptional protective measure for ensuring your items get to their destination in as good condition as possible, and these packing boxes for moving can provide this; as long as you know how to suitably seal up and shut a cardboard box. Sealing your box ensures that items are unable to escape from either the bottom or the top of the box, either dropping out or spilling over. House removal packing boxes are best sealed up with the highest quality packing tape, available here at packing solution: a good packing tape will ensure that the flaps of your box are tightly secure to one another and unlikely to come apart, upon sealing the bottom of the box properly, with multiple layers of sturdy packing tape, you are now ready to fill your box with the item/s you wish to be protected, along with any other moving supplies such as bubble wrap to ensure your possessions safety for the long journey.

cardboard boxes for packing

Sealing up the top of your box should, for obvious reasons, be left until all the items you intend to pack away are already packed away, then you can begin to seal up the box, folding each flap under the next will increase the amount of stress the top and bottom of the heavy duty boxes for moving will be able to take before they could potentially fail and cause a spillage, or box failure in the moving van. If you have shut your items away in the box, but the weight of your items make you believe the bottom could rupture, then you can use the packing tape or other online moving supplies that offer support to keep this worry at bay too, simply wrap the bottom of your box, including its corners, with a few layers of tape, this will further support the corners and walls of your box, should the weight begin to become an issue. Now that your box is adequately packed away and your items are not likely to see the light of day unless you wish them too, you can load these house moving boxes on and up into your moving van, knowing with confidence that the chances of your belongings spilling out onto the van floor and breaking are lower than they ever have been, with the excellent protective capabilities of both the sturdy and reliable box, and the tough and no-nonsense packing tape sold here at packing solution.

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